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Rife Machine, Royal Rife, Rife Resonator
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frequency generator, rife resonator
frequency generator, rife resonator

Rife Machine, Royal Rife
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We can teach you how to simply build your own rife machine and have it operational in in as little as 30 minutes. You may already have the basics for a Rife Machine (Click here to read the Rife Story) in your home.   Not Just a Rife Machine, But also a built in Hulda Clark Zapper! That's right the highest quality Hulda Clark Zapper at no extra Charge. Don't go thru the trouble to build Hulda Clark 's zapper when you can have one much, much more powerful! (Click here to see a list of Rife Frequencies for parasites) There are many electro-devices out there that sell for $700-$3,000 that will not do any more than what you may already have. If you have your own personal computer and an 50W stereo (50w per channel), you're set!

Your thinking this is too Cheap! You're right it is too cheap, however this rife machine will be compatible or in my opinion better than the more expensive units.

Why give $700.00 up when most of you may already have the two main components for a home Frequency Generator!


1. Computer

2. Stereo (50w minimum per channel)

3. Some simple wiring accessories (optional Purchase)

We have researched many other units, some over $3,000 and this is absolutely the best value for your money.  The Frequency Generator Generator is operated from your windows environment.  You need a Computer and a 200w Stereo (50w per channel)


We will provide the Frequency Generator Software Click Here to Read more on the  Frequency Generator (Note: This Frequency Generator comes with your order on this page).  You will need about $50.00 in accessories  Hardware.  The Hardware can be added to the cart on check out.  The Hardware will include: Electro Pads made of premium fabric and adjustable band,  attachments for computer to stereo, stereo to grounding straps, wiring diagram, & instructions. Rife Machine technology was started in the early 20th century and this theory on the frequency generator doesn't cost a fortune.

Frequency Generator software included!!!

Rife Technology  Software for Windows

Rife therapy, enlarged prostate, Frequency Generator

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If you own a Computer and 50w Stereo (50W recommended 100w per channel) you can have you're own frequency GENERATOR in just a short time. (most can setup completely in 30 min.!) Click here to see Rife frequency generator list. Remember you will also be able to manually enter your choice in the Rife frequency generator. All Rife Machine Frequency Generator s on CD will run on Windows 95,  Windows 2000 & Windows XP. (will not run on Mac Computers & we no longer support windows 98 operating system)

Pick from a list of hundreds of different rife machine frequencies. You may also enter your own custom frequencies manually using the Rife frequency generator software.

Frequency Generator rife therapy


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Software as low as $79.77


Includes: Rife Frequency Generator Software,  wiring diagram, & instructions for the rife machine frequency generator and instructions on the built in  Hulda Clark frequency generator.

Many have used the Rife Frequency list (CLICK HERE TO SEE Frequency Generator LIST)

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Alternative Health is also becoming the choice of many. You may not have heard of a frequency generator a and the years of work in this alternative health. You can read what others have to say about royal rife, rife machine, or rife therapy by typing Rife machine in your search engine.

You can find endless amounts of information on alternative health, royal rife, rife machine or Raymond rife below.

What is a rife resonator ?

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frequency generator, rife resonator
frequency generator, rife resonator
frequency generator, rife resonator